Inspire and empower youth to pursue their dreams and guide them in developing the necessary skills to achieve their full potential.


Karelle is a professional 100-meter hurdler and a 5-time team Canada member. Karelle is currently training for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. For a full list of Karelle’s achievements, click here.

As an elite 100-meter hurdler, Karelle knows all about pursuing goals and becoming the best version of yourself. Passionate about helping others both on and off the track, she began giving motivational speeches at elementary schools and high schools in 2015 in the hope of inspiring and empowering youth.

“After a speech, a student pulled me aside and shared with me some of the problems she was having. I wished I’d had more time to sit down with her to listen, empathize and hopefully provide insight to help her overcome her issues…”

It was at this moment that Karelle realized how much she valued connecting with people on a deeper level. Since then, she’s jumped feet first into a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. Her goal is to eventually bridge the gap between mental health and peak performance by becoming a licensed sports counselor.


 Karelle offers peer-to-peer mentoring. She connects with her mentees by email, phone or skype.




 Karelle helps individuals learn how to:

  •  Navigate Challenges
  •  Embrace Failure
  •  Build resilience



 Whether you want to become an Olympian, make your school’s soccer team, get the lead part in a play, get good grades or build positive relationships, mentorring can help you gain insight into what it takes to become the best version of yourself.

 Karelle also works with parents who are looking to learn how best to support their children in the pursuit of their goals. 

Notice: Karelle is acting in a non-professional helping capacity to provide relationship-based support to mentees.