It’s been a while!
25 Jan

It’s been a while!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post.  Since August 16th, 2016 to be exact!

So much has happened since then that I wouldn’t even know where to begin! So instead, I thought I would just let everyone know where I am at right now. I am still in Los Angeles, California, training. It’s been two years since I dropped everything and changed my life in the space of a week! It has not been easy.  There was a big adjustment period and a huge learning curve. There were also a lot of setbacks and moments of doubts, but I stuck it out and I am finally settled in my new environment. I am healthy, training is going well, I’ve made friends and I’m finally getting to enjoy what California has to offer. So much so, that I’m not sure I can ever go back to the harsh winters of Ontario, especially after this winter!

When I’m not on the track or in the gym, I am completing an online Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. I am in my last trimester of coursework and am due to start an eight months practicum in the fall. I will be graduating  in May 2019, just in time to focus all of my energy on preparing for the 2020 Olympic Trials.

I will try and do a better job of updating my website moving forward! I’ve posted my 2018 indoor competition schedule and have added some new partners on my homepage.

I’ve also added a short video in my Gallery of my time in Taipei, Taiwan when I competed in the 2017 World University Games this past August.

So check it out and stay tuned for more updates!