23 Apr

From the East Coast to the West Coast

Hey guys,

As promised here is a little update on the beginning of my season. The last month has been devoted to traveling, training, competing, meeting great people and spending time with loved ones!

I started my quest on the east coast (i.e. Florida) and eventually made my way to the west coast (i.e. California).

My season is off to a good start! I am ahead of where I was at this time last year and I even ran 0.01seconds off my “legal” personal best. I have hit the standard for the Pan Am Games and FISU Games, however, only the top 2 eligible athletes will be selected to represent Canada at each event. So back to the drawing board I go! I am happy with my progress so far but am looking forward to spending a week at home with my coach so we can “fix” some things before I set off for my second series of meets.

I had an amazing trip not only because of my progress on the track but because I had the opportunity to meet, talk, observe and train around several world class athletes, including David Oliver and Jason Richardson (110mH World Champions), Brianna Rollins (100mH American Record holder), Queen Harrison (Olympian) and many more. The energy and atmosphere at these training facilities and some of the meets have motivated me to work even harder.

To top off it all off, I got to spend time with family in NYC and in LA. I even got to share the last part of my trip with one of my best friends and ex-teammate, Michele Krech. Although this was primarily a “business trip”, we managed to find a bit of time to soak up some much needed sun, get our “flex on” at the original “muscle beach” in Santa Monica, ride a motorcycle in the hills of LA and dance the night away (aka 1 hour!).

I am heading down to Virginia and North Carolina next week for more meets. Check back next month for another update!



  • By Teilhard Gentillon -


    Good job!! Keep it up, Karelle.

    • By karelle3 -


      Merci Theillard!

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