5 Aug

Season Recap!

Season Recap

My season has officially come to an end. This past Wednesday, I completed my 26th individual race of the season and I went out with a bang. What better way to finish the season than by doing an event you’ve never done before! My friends challenged me to a 400m hurdles and, as you know, an athlete never turns down a challenge. But let me tell you…standing behind my blocks, I seriously regretted agreeing to this one!

This season, I landed some personal bests and ran consistently faster than I’ve run in the past. The fact that I participated in close to 30 races in just a few months is not only an indication that I am fitter than ever but also that my back is finally able to handle more volume and load.   I feel as though I am finally back!

Although the season was not all sweet and I did not run the times I was hoping for, I am happy with the progress I’ve made. I have finally come to understand that “track is a sport of patience.” The sport is full of ups and downs but the athletes who persevere and remain patient are the ones who come out on top. I have taken the good and the bad and have put all of these learning experiences into the toolbox that I will carry with me into my next season.  

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has made a donation through my website. Your support has enabled me to finish my season the healthiest I’ve ever been and given me the opportunity to travel to warmer climates to get some training and competitions in. Thank you all so much for your generous support.

I am taking a few weeks off to rest, decompress and enjoy some of my guilty pleasures…like wine and ice cream. In just a few short weeks, I will be back on the track with my sights set on next season!

See y’all next year!